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About the archive
This page contains various documentation of the people and places referred to in the exhibition, including a film and a picture story.

Film: The memorial stone in Tsypnavalok
In the 1990s several TV-films were made. Here we show 30 sek of a film about the memory stone in Tsypnavolok put up in 2000. The families had for a long time wanted to place a memory stone …
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Families – a survey
This is a simple survey of some of the Norwegian families who emigrated to the Murman coast and who we meet in the exhibition. The survey is not comprehensive, it is included to document that the immigrants to Murman originally came from other places in Norway and Finland. The survey …
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A Picture story “From Vardø to Murman” by Ole Lindhartsen:
Ole Lindhartsen, a curator at Varanger museum, has produces a short narrative from photographs found in the museum archives in Vardø. The story deals with Vardø at the end of the 1800s, the emigration to the Rybachi island, the ship routes between Norway and Murman and the …
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Table of place names
The colonies of the Murman coast – a table of place names in Russian, Finnish, Norwegian and English.  Most of the small colonies are mentioned here. All the names are in Russian and English, a few are also in Finnish and Norwegian. …
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Newspaper articles
Kola- Norwegians meet in Vardø. Some enthusiasts keep the tradition alive. Lilly Jørstad is training to become an opera-singer. Her grandmother, also called  Lilly Jørstad, was born in Tsypnavolok in 1932, but now lives in Vadsø. Leif Schanche was “the Kola – Norwegian who became leader …
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