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Film: The memorial in Tsypnavalok ca 30 sek

In the 1990s several TV-films were made about the Kola- Norwegians.  Here we show a short clip from a film documenting the raising of a memorial to the colonists in Tsypnavolok. The descendants of the colonist families had wanted to erect a memorial on the Rybachi island for a long time. In 2000, with help from the Finnmark County administration, the earlier director of Vadsø museum and the Norwegian consul in Murmansk, they realized their goal. A group of families and officials flew to Tsypnavolok by helicopter, where the memorial was unveiled. After a short ceremony they returned to Titovka where they participated in a dinner to mark the event.

The memorial in Tsypnavalok ca 30 sek from Murman – The Coast of Hope on Vimeo.